what is laminate flooring

It's all in the 'Core'

Laminate Flooring has 4 main layers.

  1. Wear Layer – The wear layer is the top coating on the plank that is transparent. This adds scratch and stain resistance to the laminate plank.
  2. Photographic Applique Layer – Each Laminate board will have a thin layer of vinyl attached to it. This layer will contain the pattern, texture and look of the floor.
  3. Core Layer–  The inner core layer is usually composed of high density fiberboard or melamine resin materials. 
  4. Balance Layer – Laminate floors come with an attached moisture resistant backing. These are usually included to help limit movement in the boards when properly installed.


Laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity, perhaps because it may be easier to install and maintain than more traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring. It may also have the advantages of costing less and requiring less skill to install than alternative flooring materials. It is reasonably durable, hygienic (several brands contain an antimicrobial resin), and relatively easy to maintain.

It is important to keep laminate clean, as dust, dirt, and sand particles may scratch the surface over time in high-traffic areas. It is also important to keep laminate relatively dry, since sitting water/moisture can cause the planks to swell, warp, etc., though some brands are equipped with water-resistant coatings. Water spills aren't a problem if they're wiped up quickly, and not allowed to sit for a prolonged period of time.

Quality glue-less laminate floors such as those supplied by TPS Flooring Solutions use joining mechanisms which hold the planks together under constant tension which prevent dirt entering the joints and do not need "tapping" back together periodically.

Looking for a cost effective flooring solution?

Laminate flooring is just about the most cost-effective hard floor covering on the market. It can be installed with minimal fuss and requires mostly basic hand tools. For a truly professional finish we recommend having your floors installed by our team of master installers. 

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